Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The shock is that I'm posting something. What have I been doing? What have I not been doing is the question? I really have wanting to blog, but just found better things to do with my summer. So I obviously can't write everything we've been up to for the past long while or you'd get pretty bored, but I guess I can write some highlights.

My mom had a birthday and doesn't age.

My brother Jon got married, soooo fun.

Jay worked like a dog all summer.
I went everywhere with 4 kids and survived.

We spent good times with family.

Got haircuts and ready for school.

See that didn't take too long, now we're all caught up, so I guess I don't have to do this again till Christmas.....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Fun

Wow, busy. That about sums up the month of April and it's not over yet.
I've been making cakes, swimming with the kids, piano lessons, music events, dance rehearsals, temple, bridal shower, women's conference (in Utah, coming up the last week of april), watching kids while Jay study's for finals, lessons for sundays, outings with the kids.
So I'll just post pics instead of describing everything, which I'm sure will just end in me saying that I need a break.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh dear

When your kids are sick, it's HARD! I would say I've been blessed with children that don't get sick very often and I'm thankful. I know some of my friends have kids that are constantly getting sick, which is horrible, and I give it up for you ladies. You are amazing. But this time as my two youngest have been sick I have realized that we often overlook the tender mercies that are given to us.
For example, this week has been hard because Owen and Cole have been sick and I have been on the verge (mostly stuffy and sore throat). The only thing worse than having sick kids is being sick yourself with sick kids. Anyway, when Owen is sick he is all about you holding him and not moving and watching TV. It is hard to even go to the bathroom without him breaking out into hysterics. So it's a lot of doing nothing and getting nothing done. But, (and here comes the tender mercy) Jay has reading week this week so he is home. Thank goodness. I know someone is watching out for me because Jay has been gone a lot in the last couple of weeks and I have been worn out by my kids so to have this lazy week is actually quite a blessing.
There you go. Sometimes looking at our trials in a different way can help us get through them.
p.s. (my random thought) I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing that I have smelt in my lifetime that is worse than this: opening the door to your child's room in the morning and smelling rotting vomit from the night before all over the blankets, clothes, and hair of your child
-okay this didn't happen this time the kids were sick, but it has happened before, I can't even put into words how disgusting it is (I'm not sure what I learned from this, maybe don't breath right away after opening a door that has been closed all night)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Wow, time flies when your having fun.

I've felt really busy lately and definitely a little crazy. My kids are letting me know they have had enough of winter and being couped up inside, which isn't pleasant. I've taken them to a lot of different places, but of course all by myself. Jay has been super busy with school and trying to squeeze some work in when he can and so that leaves me to entertain our kids. Even though I've taken the kids out I always end up feeling at the end of the outing that I'm DONE! It takes a lot of prep, patience, and packed food to keep my campers happy.
I have managed to do some things I like to do, like decorate cakes. Well specifically I've been experimenting with cupcake recipes and icing recipes. It's been fun. I like excuses to do cakes so when Valentine's Day came I thought why not, I'll do a cake for Jenna's school Cake Raffle. It was fun to make.
Speaking of Jenna, she is growing up so much. She lost her first tooth on Valentine's Day during supper. She kind of freaked out and was a little scared when her tooth just fell into her mouth out of her gum. I told her calmly just to spit it into my hand. She did and then cried a lot because she saw the kleenex I was using to wipe up the little blood that was there. After a few hours she was fine and then she wrote a not to the tooth fairy that was sooooo cute.

If you can't read it in the picture it says: "Dear Tooth Fairy, This is my first tooth. What do you do with all the teeth? Thank you for coming. It kind of hurt, but I was brave. Love Jenna

I found a picture on the internet and I wanted to copy it, it turned out pretty close.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Wow where has the time gone?
I have been super busy as I'm sure so many of us are at this time of year. My mom and I decided to sell some bags we've been making at some craft fairs. We braved our fist and second craft fairs all with in a few weeks of each other. I can't say we made that much...in fact I think all together we made $5 each. After covering our costs, ect. I laugh about it cause it's funny and it was our first try at selling our product. I have to say at both fairs I was extremely disappointed in the number of people that showed up to buy stuff, which played at huge part in not selling. Oh well, it was a good experience and we made some good contacts. I think we're figuring that we'll sell our bags on Etsy or something more simple on our part.

Oh yeah and Brody has his 4th birthday and we went and did gymnastics. He had so much fun. And his cake was a cake pop rocket ship cake, with sparklers, which scared the kids. He he.

I have been extra busy with my ward Christmas Activity, I was in charge of it! Decorating and getting a turkey dinner on for 300 people is just like doing a wedding I decided. It was exhausting, but so worth it. I loved doing the decorations and I'm thankful for all the help I had. Too bad I forgot to take pictures cause it was so beautiful!

Now it's time to finish up doing presents for Christmas. I'm glad that I've decided to do a bunch of handmade stuff, cause it really means a lot to me and to the person I'm giving to. But it also means a lot of work too. Oh well, I really do enjoy doing that kind of stuff.

I am so looking forward to Christmas holidays. One week at Olsen's and one week at Harker's.

That means two weeks for me to relax and do puzzles. I only do puzzles once a year at Christmas time. I think we all know why that is the case....it's called 4 little kids.

As I've been getting ready for Christmas this year, I have really been able to focus on Christ and it has been nice. As I have prepared things for friends and family it has given me time to think why I'm doing what I'm doing and how blessed I am for the best friends and family I could ask for.
Thanks to all and hopefully I don't write back till the New Year, cause that will mean I'm having a great Christmas holiday. I wish the same for all of you!

Friday, October 15, 2010

One day Brody was saying the prayer on the food and he didn't come up from closing his eyes and bowing his head and folding his arms. He changed positions while sleeping quite a few times. It was really funny. I think he fell asleep partially because he was tired and partially because he didn't want to eat his supper.

I'm learning that Owen is quite a character. Well I already knew that, but he is surprising me more and more everyday. He loves to dress up and especially wear Jenna's princess slippers. I love this funny little guy.

An update on Jay's school. He likes it alot, however it is super busy and he is right into his first practicum already. The day he started school was so busy for me and the next picture is a reflection of that. Jay had Brody take a picture of him on his first day of school because I was busy feeding Cole. Poor Jay!

The saga of Jenna and Brody at swimming lessons continues. So to recap, they are extremely afraid of getting their faces wet. So I talked to their instructor because I had them signed up already for the the next level up when they were done this class. She suggested that I keep them in the same level one more time because they still couldn't bob their heads in the water. So I cancelled their other class last week and then this week Brody and Jenna decide they can bob their heads in the water. Of course! So now they can't go into the next level up because the class is full after I pulled them out of it. Oh well. I'm really happy they are getting better, so I'll just have to take them swimming more often until they can get into lessons again.